Professional summary

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a Leadership and Executive coach who is passionate about “Helping You Reach Your Full Potential”. I believe that people know deep down inside that they have the potential to achieve more and are looking for ways to get from where they are . . . to where they want to be. My coaching helps them do that.

The logo for my company, Potential Within, is a pearl in a clam shell. A pearl is started from a grain of sand and is formed by continual change, incorporating and growing from what it encounters in its environment. The result is a treasured gem. As human beings, we are also transformed by our experiences and

Engagement overview

A Typical Coaching Engagement includes:
A determination of goals for the engagement;
Coaching is for 6 months and includes 3 hours of coaching a month as well as online journaling between appointments.
Coaching appointments can take place in person or by phone/Skype.
Coaching includes a communication assessment, a written recap of appointments and unlimited email access. Cost is $6,000 US.


• Leaders and teams in health and pharmaceutical organizations
• IT professionals
• Leaders and teams in non-profit organizations
• Leaders in Universities
• Leaders in Hospitality


Great answers above. The suggestion to check in with colleagues about their own perspective and experiences in interacting with colleagues from India will be really helpful. If you can, talk to a colleague who also has a team in India.

Decide in advance what you want to achieve when you go to India. Think of just three things to do while there that will help move you towards that goal.

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