Professional summary

MAC combines technical discipline, extensive consulting experience and a solid reputation of integrity to find innovative solutions to health and welfare benefit challenges. MAC applies these principles to provide clients with a wide range of services, including:

Healthcare Reform
- Evaluating current and emerging health benefit options
- Managing shared responsibility risk
- Avoiding / minimizing excise tax for high cost plans (Caddy-plan tax)

Healthcare Innovations
- Actuarial modeling
- Value demonstration
- Achieving recognition for success

Actuarially Sound Benefit Strategies
- Cost effective, fiscally responsible, and responsive employer benefit programs
- Strategies for health plans and

Engagement overview

Data specification and review; actuarial analyses and report; presentation of results.  Time frames vary substantially, but 1 - 3 months is typical.


• Worldwide business management consultancy
• Major healthcare management organization
• Territorial government division
• Provider payment transfer company
• Pharmaceutical manufacturer
• Benefit administration firm