Professional summary

Over the past twenty years I have focused professionally on Business Process Improvement with the majority of my efforts in cost reductions through re-engineering with Lean and Six Sigma. I am very passionate about Business Transformation while improving customers’ values to win in business.

My hands on experience in problem solving has offered me the ability to be part of great teams in the business world. The career experience that I offer is based on working with many of thee top companies to bring about capability that a professional cannot offer who has spent their whole career at one place. This is exactly as designed, so that I would offer valued experience as a professional from the top corporations in the world. This experience

Engagement overview

Scoping project, strategy, and execution of deliverables. The biggest opportunity that we have found is "Recognition", the ability to see that they need help. We work the clients to achieve results that are meaningful, and needed by the business.


• Fortune 500 Clients