Professional summary

Marion is an entrepreneur who founded two companies in the human capital arena, M Squared Consulting and Collabrus Inc. M Squared is a specialty consulting firm that uses independent consulting talent to meet the needs of clients to help them solve critical business problems. Collabrus, a subsidiary, is a professional employer for independent consultants while they are on engagements to ensure compliance with employment laws. In 2005, she completed the sale of the companies to The Kelly Group, a publicly traded company in South Africa.

An expert in the dynamics of the senior independent talent market, she wrote a book, A New Brand of Expertise, in 2001. Marion remained a Director of M Squared Consulting until 2013, when Kelly sold M Squared

Engagement overview

Board roles, recurring coaching roles, strategy facilitation


Board roles:
• M Squared Consulting
• A $75 million specialty services provider; CPP Inc
• A psychometric test publisher and owners of the Meyers Briggs Type Instrument
• The Front Porch
• A billion$ Continuing Care Retirement Comunity with 14 facilities in three states providing elderly housing
• Skilled nursing
• Dementia care facilities