Professional summary

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

“Our managers seem to understand our strategic business direction, yet it seems difficult to get them aligned and going in the same direction.”

“Disconnects can be a real disaster. Problems start right at the beginning of a project, but nobody pushes back. Then months later each party says: ‘I told you so.’ Too bad people don’t raise issues early, when they are easy to repair and can be resolved.”

“I have this senior person who works for me. He is very experienced and does good work. But lately he has been turning in reports late, if at all, and they aren’t meeting our needs. I have talked to him, but just don’t seem able to get him back on track.”

“Give feedback

Engagement overview

• Discovery to learn what is going on
• Assess Gaps between What Is and What is Expected
• Design and Develop a Plan of Action
• Implement
• Follow-up

** Fees depend on the complexity of the engagement, the length of time required and the work required to get desired results


• Port of Houston Authority
• National Oilwell Varco
• Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions
• FMC Technologies
• Rice University Executive MBA Program
• Industrias AlEn (AlEn Americas)


First, I would consider what your objectives are in doing a 360-assessment. While implementing the process correctly can give you excellent feedback about leaders, the real key is what do you intend to do with the results? If a system is not put into place to use the data in a beneficial way, then the whole exercise will be called into question. Typically this would involve having people identi... Read more

I agree with Brooks and Lawrence, in not having enough information to decide if you should break the group into two or have them work together as one team. Typically, when work is broken into different functions, one team might focus on one function, while another focuses on a second. As the leader of a department, it seems like it would be effective to have the group (team) identify critical pr... Read more

You have a lot of good information above and it is not necessary to repeat it. Here are a couple of questions to consider:

* What is driving your belief to get coaching?

* What does your end-game look like? If you got everything you wanted from coaching, how would your situation be better?

* How can you capitalize (expand on, or stretch yourself based) on your strengths? In what areas can you... Read more