Professional summary

Matthew is an experienced leader with a broad and diverse background, making him a powerful ally for any team. He has direct experience in a number of industries including information technology, retail, commercial real estate, financial services, banking, and health care, focusing on IT, Strategy, Organizational Health, and Operational Improvement. Through this work, Matthew has demonstrated expertise in developing cohesive teams, improving organizational health, and architecting improved operations.

Matthew has a broad experience base applying analytically driven techniques, along with intuitive design, across high stakes topics and rapidly changing industries. His strong expertise in corporate strategy, culture development, process engineering,

Engagement overview

We offer a free initial assessment and quote. Since we view our clients as partners, our fees are by the assignment and not by the hour. This way, we are incentivized to create results as quickly as possible. Also, this eliminates the fear of being charged every time you pick up the phone or send an email which hinders the communication that is vital to a successful outcome.


Always confidential.


I have partnered with a many consulting firms over the past 12 years and by far Bagley Consulting is the most professional firm I have ever dealt with.

Greg, CTO

It is important to note that, while many consulting companies are able to provide the technical expertise necessary to address sales, operational, and financial problems, Bagley adds a unique variable in that they are able to evaluate a company's overall 'personality.' They develop a plan of action coordinating the existing working relationships of the employees along with the technical requirements necessary to achieve the objectives

John, COO

Bagley Consulting Group brought new life to our company. Their guidance in creating a strategic plan to increase revenue growth, profitability, and sales got everyone excited. We are now on course for the future and has the whole team thinking in new ways to reach the next level as a company.

Kathy, VP Marketing

The profitability of my dental practice was slipping each year. Bagley Consulting helped us with several process improvement projects and the installation of an electronic media records system. We have never worked with a more professional, results oriented company.

Ted, Dentist

Matthew is a problem solver. He can analyze a problem and help businesses and individuals turn a bad situation into something positive. Over and over, I have seen him come up with incredible solutions when everyone else said "it can't be done." His ability to see, analyze, and then fix a problem makes him very valuable.

Jerry, Digital Strategist

Bagley Consulting worked with us to develop a strategic plan that resulted in a 30% increase in revenue the first year. If you are looking to reach the next level of performance in your company, I strongly recommend you contact them.

Mike, President&CEO