Professional summary

I coach people who diverse career issues: they may be under-employed, in a job that’s not a good fit, bored with their jobs, unsure of their life purpose, aware there’s more for them, but are not taking steps to pursue their dreams.They may be stuck and need help from a highly trained, experienced, objective partner to help them get out of their stall.

I have 15 years of professional coaching experience on top of more than 15 years of career management service, including working for and starting pioneer organizations in the field of human capital management. Additionally, I have been an entrepreneur for 16 years and have consulted with individuals and organizations large and small, in profit and non-profit. I’ve worked with men people

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


Melanie is an amazing coach, leader, author, and individual. Her energy, passion, creativity, caring heart, and joyful spirit are just some of her many great attributes. If you want to reach your peak potential anywhere in business, career, or life, Melanie will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible. She has my highest recommendation and I can't express enough of my gratitude for all that I have gained and learned from working with her.

Jeremy J. Ulmer, Sales Coach and Seminar Leader

For anyone seeking change or rejuvenation—professional, personal, or spiritual--Melanie will help you attain it. She led me through a remarkable process for growth that has continued long after our coaching sessions ended. She has endless resources to draw from and always seemed to find the right idea, book, audio file, web site, article, quote, or thought to help me get to the next step. The result has been a thoroughly satisfying career change, less stress, more money, more free time, and a new outlook on life.

Allison Slavick, Former Museum Director, Writer and Consultant

I reached out to Melanie during my very difficult time. She responded by giving me guideposts that illuminated my path. Sometimes that guide was in the form of a good book, sometimes a revealing quote, sometimes an inspiring practice. But always on my terms. Melanie is a gently persistent coach who helped me write a script for what makes a rewarding life and work.

Carolyn DiPaolo, Editor

Melanie continually offered me perspective about things in my business that I had never thought of. What I really enjoyed is that Melanie really "got me". She helps me take a new view of exactly what it is that I do and in the process helped me eliminate many fears and self-limiting beliefs.

Michael McNamara, Financial Advisor Brentwood Equity Advisors

I have been coaching with Melanie for several years and my weekly calls are a time to touch base with my goals and aspirations. I look forward to them with joy and anticipation.

Coaching has been one of the best things I have ever done. With Melanie's guidance I tap into my own resourcefulness everyday and create my life the way I want it to be. Melanie is a powerhouse of ideas, information and inspiration.

I know I'm going to get where I want to go and when I do Melanie will be there to celebrate and sing with me. Life's a journey and you couldn't ask for a better companion along the way. I highly recommend Melanie!

Kathryn Taylor, forthcoming author

Working with a coach has been a great experience! Melanie is helping me transform my dream of writing a book into a reality. She gives me loving nudges and knowledgeable support to guide me toward my goal. Besides being my coach, Melanie has become my personal cheerleader and wonderful friend. I would recommend her to anyone. We can all use some added direction in life's interesting journey. She helps me hear the music of my heart.

Joy Kuby, author of The Fortunate Four and Other Journeys of the Heart

My coaching sessions with Melanie mean the world to me. Without them I might have come to the same conclusions and focused on the same aspirations, but I have no doubt that another year would have passed with out taking the critical first steps to realizing those dreams. I contacted Melanie because I was very very unhappy with my career, and that was having a terrible effect on my life. I had recently moved back to the US after 4 years abroad, and I felt isolated and adrift. I thought I would need a coach, a therapist, a career counselor, and possibly a babysitter for my inner child! But Melanie patiently and with great humor helped me develop the tools and strategies to move forward with my life. First she helped me quiet all the external chatter and really listen to my own inner voice. Then once that voice was heard she helped me realize I had the strength, and all the skills I needed to satisfy my goals.

I am now well on my way to applying to graduate programs in a new satisfying career. I am much more confident and centered in my home life, and I've even been excelling at my current job; anticipating an increase in productivity for the end of this year and for next.

On a personal note Melanie is great! She's funny, kind, generous in spirit, positive without being condescending, and she always made me feel like her most important client. This is my first experience of coaching and Melanie made it completely worthwhile. I plan on keeping in touch with her, and I will always have a debt of gratitude for the guidance she's given me.

Marco Anderson, Software Sales and graduate student

Melanie is my trail guide on my journey out of Corporate America into a more authentic and fulfilling life. As a guide, her strengths are listening, intuiting, and reframing to the positive. In listening, she encourages me to say everything about my current issues, even those not-so-easy things that bring up fear or embarrassment. She is refreshingly accepting, creating a safe place for me to explore my own beliefs.

Melanie has a strongly intuitive side where she tells me about the images or insights that come up for her as I'm speaking. Her creative, intuitive approach is far more effective than the cut-and-dried career-planning/task list approach. Our discussions are rollicking, challenging, and valuable exchanges of the heart and mind.

By reframing to the positive, I mean Melanie takes whatever I say and sees the good in it, the part that can be used to help me move forward. There's no blame if an assignment hasn't been completed to the letter; in fact, there's praise for doing the best that could be done but let's use it as an opportunity to look at some important issues.

She gets to the right issues and quickly. I'm so glad she is my guide!

Edward Hannigan, Senior Manager

During our weekly sessions, you were a constant source of encouragement to me. You continually held me accountable for the change process I was embarked upon, pushed me to accomplish more, and helped me to craft a vision for the future. You were a great source of resource materials (books, websites) to help give me the tools to accomplish my objectives. Your practical experience in the job-hunting marketplace proved invaluable as we jointly determined my job-hunting strategy and negotiation strategy. Most of all, your continual ability to accentuate the positive helped me stay positive as well.

Dwight Price, Director of Transportation

Having a career coach was absolutely the smartest move (and best investment) of my job search. Via probing and soul-searching questions and providing practical techniques, Melanie Keveles helped me identify my professional strengths and interests and explore prospective career paths. After I decided to remain in my current field, her help went far beyond resumes and interview tips. She helped me go out of my comfort zone, which enabled me to discover my background's true position in the marketplace, build a network, replenish my spirit, and expand my context and reality. If one idea or technique didn't work for me, she always had more. And her positive--always positive—reinforcement and, when needed, patient prodding were invaluable. Thanks to Melanie Keveles, I did more than conduct an effective job search; I grew as well. As it did for me, investing your time and money with Melanie will generate multiple returns.

Dan Merriman, Public Relations/Communications Consultant