Case study: Change to Support Outsourcing
Deepak Lalwani
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Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company


A global consumer packaged goods company was looking to unlock over $250 million in cost savings by deploying a global outsourcing and shared services model so as to standardize the end-to-end processes of Finance, Customer, HR, and Procurement. We were brought in to help with this implementation and change so as to support the move to the new outsourcing and shared services environment.


Designed, developed, and delivered a change management toolkit / playbook aligned to the project’s outsourcing methodology / approach. The aforementioned toolkit was then used to create a web-based version of the toolkit.

Developed and delivered change readiness assessments for the Finance and Customer process areas to identify key pain points and recommendations that were incorporated into the global and North America change management plan.

Developed and delivered the infrastructure for the change workstream on the web to including change plans, training plans, communication plans, change readiness assessment, change impact analysis, and reporting packages.


By collaborating closely with the client, we developed the presentation and web-based version of the toolkit in less than three months. And by implementing and socializing the toolkit outside of North America, including Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Australia, and the Middle East; they were better equipped to plan and manage the transition in these regions.

We also ensured there was a clear expression of the reasons for migrating and transitioning to the new global business services environment, and that the employees that were involved and affected by the change understood them.

Lastly, after assessing the impact of the transition on the company’s employees, vendor partners, and processes, we executed key training presentations and workshops, as well as planned how and when the changes were communicated and delivered to address the impacts of the migration to the new outsourcing and shared services environment.