Case study: Global Tech Company Redefines Travel Commerce Industry: Transformation Advisory & Executive Coaching
Supriya Desai
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US $2.1 billion Global Travel Commerce Technology Company


Issue: Tepid growth in the US $8 trillion global travel and tourism industry foretold a US $2.1 billion (2014) travel commerce company's decision to transform its business and operating models to drive growth through innovation and move “from being a supplier led organization to a true sales and account management team” (Corporate SVP & Divisional Managing Director client testimonial). This innovative company of approximately 3400 employees around the world needed to redesign all facets of how it delivered products and services (operating model) to better enable the new business model it had adopted.


Action: Supriya coached top executives 1-on-1 in change leadership effectiveness, helped the executive team broaden its remit to more holistically approach the transformation, and facilitated executives to align around a shared vision, strategy, values framework and a clear 18-month transformation road map. From the client’s point of view, “she helped us identify the key goals and objectives for the new operating model and think through how we could build a culture of shared accountability within our new team to make it all happen.” Supriya also drafted a tactical change management plan using feedback from in-depth management interviews and an organizational impact assessment.


Impact: While the client was not able to use outside consultants for implementation, Supriya left key change leaders “much more confident” that their team was “focused on the most important aspects of change and well equipped to deal with the challenges.” The company outperformed market expectations in the first year post-IPO.