Professional summary

I am an experienced change leader who has helped PwC, J&J, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, and RGP - among other world-class companies - more effectively achieve their visions by translating strategy into initiatives that incorporate best practice change management, organization development, leadership development and process improvement. My deep expertise in planning and implementing successful, inclusive and strategically-aligned programs was built through leadership roles in close to 20 large-scale change efforts from culture/values change to enterprise-wide Lean Six Sigma deployments.

At AIG, I led a team that turned our global HR operating model transformation mandate into a compelling vision, a clear change roadmap with milestones, and a diverse

Engagement overview

Engagements vary depending on the clients needs and include assessing, diagnosing, planning and/or executing the business' change management/transformation opportunity or problem and optimal solution. Desai Transformation offers pricing structures for advisory engagements based on project scope and target outcomes.

For executive leadership coaching, Desai Transformation offers package pricing for 6-, 9- or 12-month engagements designed to strengthen change/transformation leadership skills and help senior level individuals breakthrough barriers to achieve goals and objectives related to navigating transitions.

Please contact us for more detailed estimates of work involved and pricing. Rest assured we aim to offer a win-win approach to helping you address your business transformation and organizational change management challenges.


Select Advisory Client Engagements:
• Transformation Planning & Advisory for a US $2.2 billion Global Technology Travel Commerce Company
• Culture Integration Planning & Advisory for a Northeast US Regional Bank Merger totaling $5 billion in combined assets
• Lean/Six Sigma Training Workshops for US $1.23 billion (2014 revenues) Financial Services Company

Select Executive Leadership Coaching Clients:
• "Leading Through Uncertainty" Workshop for US $2.1 billion revenue Consumer Packaged Goods Company (market cap US $5.1 billion) CEO and Extended Management Team
• High Potential Executive Leader Coaching - US $8.5 billion Retail Transportation Company
• Change Leadership Coaching for Top 3 Executives in a US $2.2 billion Global Technology Travel Commerce Company

Case Studies

Issue: Tepid growth in the US $8 trillion global travel and tourism industry foretold a US $2.1 billion (2014) travel commerce company's decision to transform its business and operating models to drive growth through innovation and move “from being a supplier led organization to a true sales and account management team” (Corporate SVP & Divisional Managing Director client testimonial). This in... Read more

Issue: Two Northeast US regional banks – a well-established neighborhood bank and a newer bank that had grown through acquisition – had agreed to a merger of equals, doubling the size of their assets to nearly US $5 billion and creating a significant competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry. Among other post-merger priorities, a key goal to maintain customer loyalty immediately f... Read more

Issue: Having recently emerged from an extended period of uncertainty around the future of the US $2.5 billion consumer goods company, a progressive CEO and his CHRO recognized that the future held only promises of more ambiguity. With existing product category leaders to maintain and even more ambitious short- and long-term performance targets, executives understood that total engagement of their... Read more


In a word, Supriya is "remarkable"?
Most impressive was her balance of technical competence with the ability to listen to the voice of the customer and then tailor to their specific situation and requirements. She has an uncanny ability to build rapport and earn the respect at all levels from the shop floor to the boardroom.
Supriya is by far the most gifted, brightest and most talented person I've ever
been around.

Jim Niemes, Director (ret.) PwC Management Consulting

Supriya's tremendous success with driving and sustaining results is unique and considers the realities that organizations need to constantly change due to dynamic market factors, new technologies, mergers, and performance requirements. Supriya has over the years developed a very powerful set of mechanisms and tools to drive continuous cultural, behavioral, and process changes that are required to stay ahead in the race. Her unique perspective, highly developed skills, integrity, courage, and dedication set her apart. She is simply better than best.

Peter Amico, Senior Director Product Development & Global Symantec Agile Transformation Leader Symantec

Supriya is an outstanding speaker with deep expertise in her field. She always has engaging, thought provoking topics that interest our community and her sessions have become ?standing room only.

Tara Seager, President New Jersey Organization Development Community

I had the pleasure of working with Supriya on a Culture Change consulting engagement in the wake of the announced "merger of equals" of two regional banks. Supriya acted as the main project manager and client liaison through strategic planning and discovery phases of the project. Despite a challenging client environment, due to merger related uncertainty, reorganizations, fear and resistance, Supriya's professionalism, teamwork and communication expertise helped to establish stakeholder alignment and identify key focus areas required to support the development of the desired end-state culture. I would gladly recommend Supriya and would be happy to work with her again.

Lori Britt, Senior Vice President Major Oak Consulting, A Verint Company

Supriya's effective leadership in change management comes from her passion in helping people realize change ? at an organizational, team and individual level. She has keen insight in recognizing the "people side" of organizational transformation, and is direct and skillful in executive and employee coaching. She also brings years of experience in project management, and was instrumental in guiding design process for a key initiative that had stalled.

Myra Bartalos, Marketing Director kasina

When Supriya first started her engagement with us, my commercial team had been on a transformation journey for over a year [revamping our business model]. We made great progress but just when we hit our stride, senior leadership announced a reorganization to create a line of business [model]. We had to integrate new teams and create a "one team" mentality to take the business forward. Supriya helped us identify the key goals and objectives for the new operating model and think through how we could build a culture of shared accountability within our new team make it all happen. Supriya helped us work through the issues we needed to address as a team, as well as how we needed to work together. Thanks to Supriya's help, I feel much more confident that our team is focused on the most important aspects of change management and that we are well equipped to deal with the challenges we know we will encounter along the way.

a Leading Travel Commerce Company

Supriya is an excellent Change Leader who knows how to translate concepts into actions that drive meaningful change. She is a strategic thinker who is able to take seemingly disparate threads of information and link them together in a meaningful way. She is tenacious and passionate about doing what is right for the client.

Debra Mitchell-Ruranga, Chief of Staff a Leading Hedge Fund

I recommend Supriya without hesitation. She is extremely knowledgeable, results-driven, and focused.

Thomas Bertels, Managing Partner Valeocon Management Consulting
Project Proposals

Interactive, engaging and practical workshops at one or more of 3 pivotal points in the change process help you solicit valuable feedback, uncover hidden risks and engage key players in the success of a change effort.

Change planning workshops are held early on to help key stakeholders better understand the case for change, gauge buy-in to proposed changes, identify hidden risks that could der... Read more