Project proposal: Deliver ROI + Employee Engagement via High-Touch, Practical Approach To Implement Business Transformations & Change Initiatives
Supriya Desai
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Desai Transformation's practical workshops are the best way to work through resistance to change and constructively engage stakeholders in strategically-critical business transformations and change initiatives. Supriya Desai has designed and delivered workshops that drive broad and lasting buy-in while working through the practical challenges created by changes to business strategy, organizational structure, processes, technology and culture.

Every transformation effort experiences problems, usually at one or more of 3 key stages: planning, design and implementation. Supriya uses her 20+ years of experience, custom workshops and unique brand of advisory to help leadership teams navigate the tumult and unpredictability of complex transformations and shepherd through exciting, positive change.

Engagement overview

Interactive, engaging and practical workshops at one or more of 3 pivotal points in the change process help you solicit valuable feedback, uncover hidden risks and engage key players in the success of a change effort.

Change planning workshops are held early on to help key stakeholders better understand the case for change, gauge buy-in to proposed changes, identify hidden risks that could derail change, and identify buy-in success factors to be integrated into the overall change plan.

DT's solution design workshop uses "crowdsourcing" to bring together senior level stakeholders, lay out the change vision and strategic parameters, and then collaborate to design the foundation of an eventual solution.

Change implementation workshops bring together influential managers to weigh in on final solutions, resolve operational issues, and identify readiness risks and desired new behaviors.

By engaging key players to move the business forward at each stage, we build broad buy in to change.

Relevant background

Supriya has designed successful, inclusive and strategically-aligned change programs for close to 20 large-scale change efforts from culture/values change to enterprise-wide Lean Six Sigma deployments. She has helped PwC, AIG, J&J, Ritz Carlton and others achieve their change visions by incorporating best practice change management, organization development, leadership development and process improvement.


• Certified Change Leader
• Certified Executive Coach
• Six Sigma MBB
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