Case study: Manage start-up growth
James McIntosh
James McIntosh

Branding and Advertising


The Business Objective:

To guide and coach a start-up team with a non-business founder towards profitable and sustainable growth within a volatile industry.


The Story:

When James first started working with the Founder, this Mid-Atlantic business was not quite a year old and had only four employees. Although the founder was expert in his field and passionate about his work, he lacked business experience and the confidence to make practical management decisions. The coaching trick was to keep his feet on the ground while maintaining his passion so that he could attract both appropriate clients and suitable employees.


The Outcome:

At the end of the retainer phase of James’s assignment, the business had grown from 6-figure annual income to 8-figure income, had a management team of 5 executives leading 14 skilled employees (and a pool of part-timers) working on projects for organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 companies and non-profits.