Professional summary

I am currently the CEO and President of a 30 year old wealth management firm with over $700m under management. My contract enables me to continue with limited new executive coaching. I continue to serve existing clients and organizations -- some have been clients for more than 10 years and counting.

Every since I became involved in strategic planning in the early 1980s, my focus has been on effectiveness and outcomes that matter. Hence my key coaching question: can I help this leader or executive become even more effective?

I focus on 4 main areas, based on the MESS many executives find themselves in today (triggered by "do more with less"): Multiply your opportunities; Extend your influence; Stretch in your weak areas; Strive beyond ‘impossible’.


Engagement overview

First session free (to determine whether we can actually work together). Framework and agreed outcomes. Reading/study material (as appropriate). Access to strategic planning material and questionnaires for own use (as appropriate). Access to the SHIFT Trigger strategy assessment. Availability between formal coaching sessions.


• Confidential - available on request.
• Range from CEO to mid-level managers
• Fortune 500-size to start-ups
• Written endorsements available from CEOs, VPs, mid-level managers and job seekers.

Case Studies

The Business Objective:To better utilize the experience and talents of a star VP by strengthening her strategic leadership skills without diminishing her critical executive management role. (A secondary objective: to demonstrate that the VP is on track for her next promotion.).. Read more

The Business Objective:To stabilize a shrinking business by guiding the CEO to re-engage directly without alienating his key executives with his new forceful and demanding style... Read more

The Business Objective:To guide and coach a new CEO and failing executive team through a turnaround from bankruptcy... Read more

The Business Objective:To guide and coach a start-up team with a non-business founder towards profitable and sustainable growth within a volatile industry... Read more

The Business Objective:To transition a ‘hobby’ Board of directors into a strategy-setting organization willing to make transformative decisions even as the founder and former CEO now directly reported to the new CEO... Read more