Case study: New Skills For The 'New Normal' of Constant Uncertainty: Executive Workshop Design & Facilitation
Supriya Desai
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Top Executives & Senior Leaders of US $2.5 billion Consumer Packaged Goods Company


Issue: Having recently emerged from an extended period of uncertainty around the future of the US $2.5 billion consumer goods company, a progressive CEO and his CHRO recognized that the future held only promises of more ambiguity. With existing product category leaders to maintain and even more ambitious short- and long-term performance targets, executives understood that total engagement of their managers and employees had to be a top priority. But how would senior leaders lead in the new normal of unpredictable uncertainty, when their skills reflected the old reality?


Action: Supriya worked in collaboration with an outside OD Advisor as well as the CEO, CHRO and Senior Director of Organization Development to design a senior leader development workshop - based on Desai Transformation's 21st Century Change Masters™ Leadership Framework. The interactive, practical and leading-edge "Leading Through Uncertainty" 2.5 hour workshop was facilitated by Supriya and delivered for the 55 extended management team including top executives.


Impact: Participants gave very positive reviews of the workshop, during which several new change leadership skills were practiced with real-time examples and small breakthroughs that illustrated the power of vulnerability and resilience in navigating change. The CEO and CHRO of this Consumer Packaged Goods Company (valued at US $5.1 billion) enthusiastically agreed that the content directly addressed their needs and helped the leadership team begin a productive conversation.