Case study: Partner Promotion
Staci Collins
Staci Collins

A Big 4 Senior Manager


A Big 4 senior manager on verge of promotion to partner, and head of a previously fast-growing, top-performing consulting team was at the end of her rope—and just at the time the team had hit a ceiling and cost competition in the market.

“Before we started working together...I was burnt out, exhausted by trying to deal with the leadership structure that I was working in and had lost my confidence and drive. I was at the end of my rope...and was ready to leave my long time employer.”


We embarked on a journey of self and other assessments, using valid and reliable tools, from scholars such as Hudson, Goleman and Schein, identifying not only what factors motivated her in her work, but also enabled her to understand the actions and intentions in the partner group around her.

“You worked with me to develop the personal skills to transform and lead my team. Your insights into organizational design, conflict management and collaboration were critical to our success...working with you really helped me to understand myself better...manage myself in those [difficult leadership] situations and circumstances...and rebuilt my own confidence and energy. I also got a better understanding of how the leaders worked...”

With coaching, my client and her leaders created a participative, goal-setting meeting to develop annual revenue goals based on the team's view of their core strengths and key clients. Through the discussion of past performance and setting of future stretch targets, the team developed a shared view of their story past and into the future. They left reenergized, aligned and focused.


And in the end, her own, and her team’s continued high-performance paid off. This team achieved their revenues in this price-warring market, where other teams using the traditional top-down goal-setting methods, did not.

“Staci has fantastic insights into creating high performance teams and leadership...My team and its members all achieved a high degree of collective and individual success.

I was able to make some bold moves. I was able to make partner. It required a move to Cleveland, but I had the personal confidence to make that move too. I bought a house there, had a phenomenally interesting and high profile experience, met my husband and have made other career moves as well. I refer back to many of the things that you and I have worked on over the years.

I know the difference now between good and bad coaches through other experiences, you were one of the best. Staci, you have been a great inspiration to me over the years. I appreciate everything that you have done to help me. “