Professional summary

I get excited helping emerging and transitioning leaders win the careers and fulfillment they want. My work happens when the shift has come - or can be seen coming - but the dust still clouds the air. Working with my data-based, consulting and engineering-based tools, we both begin to see the path Before the air is perfectly clear, enabling moves ahead of the threat or competition.

I've partnered with over 1400 managers from start-ups to Fortune 100 in all industries to clearly see through the cloudy way ahead for themselves or their team. I specialize in high tech, healthcare, consulting, finance, govt/non-profit and transitioning between sectors or industries. See my LinkedIn connections for more industries.

Specialties: Executive

Engagement overview

100% of engagements come with tools and at least one deliverable.
We will always proceed with the end in mind, whether that's a stand-out, aligned resume/cover, a winning interview performance, an ideal job template, networking or communications plan


“Staci has fantastic insights into creating high performance teams and leadership. She worked with me to develop the personal skills to transform and lead a team which faced management challenges. Her insights into organizational design, conflict management and collaboration were critical to our success. The team and its members have all achieved a high degree of collective and individual success.” (K.V., Partner EY)

“I judge how well we’re doing by how well we meet our goals, but also how often I have those moments when I feel that I’ll never get through this. Last year I had that feeling at least twice a week. This year I have only had it once or twice in the whole first quarter. Fire drills have died down. We’ve learned about how our behaviors impact others. I can’t see anything we’d have you do differently.” Medical Director, VSI

“Staci is a miraculous coach and extraordinary pillar of support. My first two one-on-one hours with her were worth more than their weight in gold. Staci helped me completely revamp my resume, and the results were astonishing. I immediately secured several interviews and received numerous glowing comments over it. While interviewing with a leading video game publisher, an executive I met with said right off the bat, “This is the best resume I've seen. Ever." He's not the only one. Another hiring manager at a top mobile gaming company told me he “loved” my resume and how it was the “cleanest” one he’s ever seen. Staci also helped me to hone my elevator pitch and bolster my interview skills. The result — multiple offers!” P.L., Product Manager, Haas MBA

Sample Client Companies include:

High Technology:
• Cisco
• Facebook
• Google
• Microsoft
• Apple HP
• Oracle
• Motorola
• Electronic Arts
• Intel
• Autodesk
• Verizon
• T-Mobile
• Sprint
• AT&T

Financial Services:
• Goldman Sachs
• Morgan Stanley
• Citibank
• BNP Paribas/Banc of America Securities
• Chase
• Wells Fargo
• Bank of America
• NationsBank
• Visa
• Mastercard
• CapitalOne

• McKinsey
• Bain & Company
• Booz-Allen Hamilton
• Deloitte
• Ernst & Young
• Accenture

• Red Cross
• Kaiser Permanente
• Cigna
• Blue Cross
• World Bank

• Chevron
• Shell
• PG&E
• Many emerging & int'l renewable waste orgs

Other Industries:
• Gap
• The Tea Company
• Time Warner Cable
• 48 Hour Print
• Syngenta
• Merck
• University of Texas
• San Antonio
• Howard University
• Haas School of Business

Case Studies

A Big 4 senior manager on verge of promotion to partner, and head of a previously fast-growing, top-performing consulting team was at the end of her rope—and just at the time the team had hit a ceiling and cost competition in the market.

“Before we started working together...I was burnt out, exhausted by trying to deal with the leadership structure that I was working in and had lost my confid... Read more


For my clients who've taken interim executive positions a little outside their area of expertise, quickly whether they want it or not becomes apparent. But typically regardless of the answer, they want to do a good, if not great, job.

CEO's have different groups of stakeholders - many of them external to the company, e.g. shareholders, investors, analysts, market makers - and they are great at ... Read more

Dear concerned CEO:

Tricky dilemma. Sounds like you might have a close? relationship with the troubled exec. Have you spoken to them? I'd be curious how much they knew about your replacement efforts and if they have any remorse, regrets, desire to make amends. If they do, then with offering some outplacement and explaining the organization's policy, you should have someone willing to tran... Read more