Case study: Scaling Corporate Wellness Programs

Leading Provider of Wellness Programs for Top 50 US Firms


My client provides a complete spectrum of wellness programs and services to very large employers in the United States. The employers sought to expand these services to reach employees located in countries around the world. My client was required to not only address known issues associated with conducting business abroad from the USA but the equally difficult tasks of both scaling wellness programs to smaller numbers of employees by location as well as addressing cross cultural complications.


My contribution began at the strategic planning level with top management and continued with middle management as we evaluated my recommendations for rolling out the wellness programs. The first steps included selecting services that could be supported by centralized call centers, such as, coaching services, and those requiring in person direction for employees at the work premises. I proposed milestones focused on launching with one employer in selected locations, evaluating results, altering our approach and expanding to new locations for the same employer. After repeating this process for one employer we expanded to additional employer clients. This approach involved educating both my client and the employer, and, of course, the actual program participants.


The outcome was enabling my client to respond to client requirements and begin rolling out defined services and wellness program components. The short term client benefits of launching programs was accomplished. Wellness programs require long term evaluations in order to map specific wellness programs to increased health care outcomes and reductions in employer's total health care expenditures.