Professional summary

I serve as an information technology (IT) health expert planning and procuring systems for Caribbean countries that are launching national health insurance plans. In a broader sense, I leverage a worldwide network of leading experts supporting health system planning.

For the last ten years I have advised investors on the impact of healthcare reform on the industry segments and often focus consultations on private and public health insurance exchanges. Many of these consultations are short in duration but are focused on specific client interests such as industry developments.

I am the author of "Global Health Care Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Regions, Trends, and Opportunities Shaping the International Health Arena," published

Engagement overview

I provide advice tailored to client's requirements typically beginning with a prearranged call with the option of holding follow on calls, meeting in person or discussing a longer engagement. Non public information regarding a specific company or confidential is not included. I expect to disclose my relationship, if any, to the client's topic and am willing to work under a NDA. Thank you.


• Nantucket Behavioral Health Task Force
• Ministry of Health, The Bahamas (National Health Insurance)
• Turks and Caicos Islands, National Health Insurance Plan
• Oracle USA and Netherlands
• On Lok, Inc. San Francisco, CA

Case Studies

My client provides a complete spectrum of wellness programs and services to very large employers in the United States. The employers sought to expand these services to reach employees located in countries around the world. My client was required to not only address known issues associated with conducting business abroad from the USA but the equally difficult tasks of both scaling wellness programs... Read more


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Project Proposals

Provide advice tailored to client's requirements typically beginning with prearranged video calls with key stakeholders for a total of one day that produces specific next steps that will guide our planning process in a longer engagement. Read more