Professional summary

Michael Beck is the Founder and President of Michael Beck International – a leadership development and employee engagement consulting firm, headquartered in Portland, OR. He is passionate about helping leaders bring out the best in others, and utilizes executive coaching to improve their effectiveness, broaden their strategic thinking, and maintain their focus on execution.

Over his 30+ years of domestic and international experience, Michael has developed a keen ability to sort through the clutter and find the best route to a solution. His distinct way of thinking allows him to see patterns where others simply see complexity, which has proven especially useful in the strategic work he does for his clients.

He has worked domestically

Engagement overview

A typical engagement lasts between 3 and 12 months.  Meetings are generally held weekly and are conducted either in-person, over the phone, or via Skype/Google Hangout/WebEx/etc.


The bigger question here is why are your boss and the other stakeholders allowing/ entertaining this behavior? .. Read more

A division of a larger organization, although autonomous, is nevertheless part of a bigger strategy that the Board oversees. In your new role, achievement of the overall strategy falls solely on your shoulders.

The best way to build a relationship with the Board is to meet with them individually and get to understand them as individuals, their business philosophies, and their perspectives on t... Read more

I'm guessing your executive meetings don't have an agenda and instead, cover whatever topics feel most urgent, otherwise you'd have carved out strategic time. Set the agenda in advance. (Including strategic issues).. Read more

The key to engagement is emotion rather than logic. Therefore, in order to get employees engaged, you need to provide a compelling "why" and not just the what and how... Read more

Here's another approach... give them what they want.

Quantify your scenarios. Clearly, there is a significant financial impact to a data breach. Everything from losing market share due to loss of credibility to a complete collapse of the company. Do a bit of research and determine the likelihood of a variety of scenarios, then develop an overview which shows the probability of the various fin... Read more

People trust a person who they respect. Generally, we earn respect by showing respect for others and by having integrity.
Go out of your way to do what you say you will do. Make a point of living the values you claim to possess.

Additionally, we demonstrate respect by listening to people and valuing their input. Also, demonstrate in your treatment of others that they are as important as you... Read more


There is no "standard" approach to this. And the split is pretty subjective, based on capital contribution, knowledge contribution, network contribution, and effort contribution.

Not to be self-serving, but a good approach is to bring in someone from the outside, with no vested interest, to facilitate the conversation and agreement among the partners... Read more


researched the industry to identify an executive coach with a perspective of improvement, not repairing. I found my coach and he is the real deal. In each executive coaching session we seem to raise the bar and accomplish more than expected. It is no surprise that you are a leader in the Executive Coaching arena. Thank you for assisting me in my quest to fulfill my purpose, see my vision and work my mission.

Rick Katz, Chief Marketing Officer First Life America

Michael has been an advisor, consultant and confidant for the last two years. In my role as president of a $400 million company, he has provided both strategic and leadership guidance. Throughout our time together, Michael has demonstrated an impressively broad strategic skill set. His unique perspective and ability to ask penetrating questions has driven measurable improvement in areas as wide ranging as company strategy, business operations, leadership development, management reporting, and employee relations. I have become a better leader and our company has become more successful due to Michael's influence

Jamie Madden, Executive Chairman SOS Staffing