Professional summary

Since 1972, Michael Crystal has been actively engaged in helping leaders and their organizations perform better. He has spent time in corporate roles ranging from administrative assistant to vice president. He has managed businesses and led people. He has been an employee and an employer. He has been an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, as well as an advisor, consultant, coach and facilitator.

Michael has facilitated hundreds of seminars and workshops and coached

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Adroit Digital
• Avon Products
• Barclays Capital
• Bayer
• Borders
• Cantor Fitzgerald
• Carver


Internal motivators will drive their performance more than external incentives -- get them to want to cooperate for their own reasons, rather than for what they might 'earn' if they do, and you'll likely see a much faster and easier acceptance... Read more

Sorry to report that I cannot create more time for you; however, I've always found that when the person being coached needs/wants to talk "long-term development goals," the better prepared they are to do so the more efficient and effective the conversations can be. All I ask is that they populate 3 columns -- (1) What do you do best?; (2) What do you like most?; (3) What's most important to you? ... Read more

(1) Play to their respective strengths, utilizing those as the rationale for any decision you have to make.

(2) If possible, toss the situation into their laps and allow them to develop a solution to present to you.

(3) Ask each of them what they would do if they had to make this decision.

(4) Promote both, with clear-cut roles & responsibilities; before the promos take effect, have them... Read more

Traditionalists are all about leaving a legacy as they depart; so, ask him to be your mentor -- he'll no doubt provide you with the insights you'll need to connect the dots and turn your knowledge into wisdom (organizational savvy and agility)... Read more

With only hearsay to go on, and the strong desire to retain her abilities, the first step would be to collect the kind of behavioral examples that would enable her to see what she apparently cannot see for herself -- what she does is terrific; however, the ways in which she does what she does are problematic for others. I don't want to oversimplify what is no doubt a tough situation, but this sou... Read more

I've always lived by, and coached others to live by, this simple outline:

 facts & data and/or stories & opinions?
 where we’ve been? where are we today? where are we going?
 what’s in it for me/them?

 “have I walked in their shoes in some way at some time?”
 ... Read more

Glad to assist as best I can: I produced and delivered a "Workshop For Mentors" program for a multi-cultural, global consumer products company that provided participants with:

(1) a detailed overview of the organization's mentoring process, one that was based on 4 cultural values that every organizational unit, including a number who had been acquired, subscribed to;
(2) a rationale for the progr... Read more