Professional summary

Mike Wathen is an experienced Supply Chain Management professional, focused on assisting small to medium sized manufacturers and service organizations with operational and supply chain issues and enhancements. He has over 30 years experience in industry, including eleven years of consulting management. Prior to consulting, he held senior level positions in Materials and Supply Chain management. His extensive first hand Industry experience and PMP certification allows him to add value for his clients by optimizing the relationship between supply chain enhancements vs. cost impacts, operational effectiveness issues, Business Process design, software evaluation, and business transition/transformation efforts.
In addition, he is on the faculty

Engagement overview

Statement of issues/concerns/desires by client.  Follow a process to uncover root causes of the issues or concerns, agreement upon the priority of the issues, and approach in small projects (vs. one big project).  Present pathway to achieve the desired results with approximate time and effort by both parties.
Moving forward, prefer maximum involvement and effort by client to minimize the overall cost of the project, and insure ROI as desired.


• Chemical manufacturer
• Green energy recycler
• Small manufacturing companies


Managers improving business writing skills
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Business writing should follow these rules:
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