Professional summary

My experience teaches me that people require continuous learning to remain relevant in their fields. Continuous improvement is a value for me. To soar above time constraints and distractions, I created a Quick Studies™ format for my clients' instant use with maximum results and benefits. Here's an example—managers who are terrific at their content but have little if any experience managing team members, especially those older than themselves.

Whether coaching individuals, teams or consulting with boards of directors, I consider myself a Business Barista™ serving up fresh and "hot" ideas daily—Clients can benefit from a shortened learning curve—They're too busy and distracted to dedicate more time to return to school—A commitment

Engagement overview

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes via Skype, phone or face-to-face where possible.
-Client-friendly and focused
-Action oriented
-Forward action plans

Initial assessment reveal essential elements to produce best case, reverse-engineered outcomes.

A 90-day agreement is usually implemented for best results.
Reports and assignments are distributed between sessions.

Personal access


• Toshiba Computers
• City of Phoenix
• Avnet Global
• Pryor Resources
• Arizona State University
• Friedman Realty Associates
• Serves You Right!
• Redflex Traffic Systems
• DesignLink Architecture


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1. In what way(s) do you try to create a positive candidate experience during the interview process? Please provide a specific example.

After researching how companies interview candidates for business coaching clients, I created a proprietary approach called "Casting Call". This program is in response to the adversarial approaches that I found.

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