Professional summary

Want a "Swiss Army Knife" that's me! I've had my hands in a bit everything across diverse industries and roles from start-ups to Fortune 10. I see the big picture, how everything is connected (people, systems, processes), taking strategy to planning, execution, operationalizing, and continuously improving.

I consider myself a Global Citizen, Tech Executive, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Executive Coach with expertise in culturally and emotionally intelligent leadership,

Engagement overview

- Fit meeting
- Coaching or consulting agreement
- Intake form and meeting
- Goal setting
- Coaching or leadership development program completed
- Relevant assessments (quantitative and qualitative)
- 1:1 interviews with peers and team
- Meeting observations
- Regular progress check ins with manager. Less frequent check ins with HR, direct reports, peers
- Readminister 363 if relevant


• Blue Shield of California
• Intel
• Chevron
• XPERI (formerly Tessera, Fotonation, DTS)
• Handtmann