Professional summary

Having helped guide technology companies into rapid-growth orbit, Mike Harvath now assists smaller tech firms achieve liftoff at Revenue Rocket Consulting Group, his growth-strategy advisory firm in Bloomington, MN.

Harvath, whose career, which reaches from Apple's early days, launched Revenue Rocket in 2001 as a way to give back to the industry in which hard work had brought him much success.

Consulting also keeps him connected to the familiar surge of excitement when a new strategy or offering propels a company to new heights.

"I get to live vicariously through my clients and see them grow and experience success and, for me, that's very satisfying," Harvath said. "Obviously, if you've been with one of the fastest-growing tech companies

Engagement overview

A growth strategy engagement consists is a 9 month engagement focused on transitioning your IT Services Business into a top quartile growth and profit performer.

An M and A engagement consists of a 9 month engagement to help you buy or sell another IT Services firm.


We have helped over 450 IT Services companies profitably grow and/or do a merger or acquisition since our inception 16 years ago.

• Solutia Consulting Inc.
• Imason Inc.
• Magenic Technologies
• SynerTel
• TiBA Solutions
• Aria Solutions


We've worked with RRCG for several years because their recommendations helped us dramatically accelerate our growth and profit. They're now helping us expand our services into new lines of business.

Robert Church, CEO Aria Solutions

We met Mike and his team last year and we're glad we did. Their considerable experience in the small-to-midsize market helped us clarify and strengthen our growth strategy with solid recommendations we're presently implementing.

Ken Brower, President & COO TiBA Solutions

RRCG has been a valuable growth partner with us for a number of years and we've prospered by their counsel. Among other things, RRCG helped us roll out a Development Center offering which has helped to improve our bottom line.

Greg Frankenfield, CEO Magenic Technologies

After meeting RRCG at the 2006 WPC, we engaged their services to help us narrow our focus and execute our strategy. RRCG is unique in the space and understands Microsoft partners and their issues of growing a profitable company. We're excited about where we're heading.

Andrew Steane, Director of Marketing & Alliances Imason Inc.

Mike and Reed helped us plan and execute the sale of our MSP/UC business during a time of health challenges. Their vision of the process, engine for prospecting and qualifying possible transaction partners, and guidance through kissing many princes to find our frog was invaluable! As a bonus, their included legal team was agile, responsive, and savvy in navigating a variety of issues. If you are thinking about a sale or merger, I highly recommend interviewing Mike and Reed to see if they belong on your team!

Ben Stiegler SynerTel

RRCG helped us develop a comprehensive strategy for geographic and vertical market penetration. We're putting this plan into action with much enthusiasm from our team and we're seeing improvements in our results. I would strongly recommend RRCG.

Rick Kuula, President Solutia Consulting Inc.