Professional summary

Mike Walrod is a strategic executive leader with 25 years of experience, catalyzing organizational success through optimizing effectiveness and empowering teams. He possesses an extensive track record of increasing market share, dramatically accelerating profitability, and expanding brand awareness.

Walrod currently serves as the principal for Incite Business in Leawood, KS. Within his role, Mike focuses on assisting clients to overcome critical market disruptions to regain positive growth. By executing in-depth analyses of the organization, consumers and evolving industry data, he is able to determine step-by-step plans to execute large-scale initiatives.

Throughout his career, Walrod has achieved consistently strong results within

Engagement overview

Coaching engagements are either a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly session lasting approximately 60 minutes.  Sessions can be in-person or via telephone. There is email support between sessions at no extra charge.  Billing is monthly and the rate is based on the frequency of the sessions.

Fractional COO and consulting engagements are daily or project-based, depending on the scope.  Rates will be determined by the scope of the project.


• All service-related organizations
• Small & Medium Business Owners
• Specialty Finance
• Consumer Lending


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Project Proposals

First, Mike digs into the specifics of your company, people and processes, to help uncover what the real problems are. This is the most important part of his approach.

Once there is 100% clarity on the core problem, the next step is to find potential solutions, aligned to your context and long-term vision. He'll ask the tough questions to prepare you for your next move, whether it is product de... Read more