Professional summary

I am a brand and marketing strategy consultant with over 25 years of business experience, and am managing partner at FullSurge, a strategy consulting firm. My background includes a combination of brand management, customer and consumer marketing, and strategy consulting.

Over the years, I have worked across multiple industries including consumer packaged goods, foodservice, retail, professional services, media and entertainment, and industrial B2B. In doing so, I have led complex engagements and overseen client relationships for Fortune 500 and Blue Chip companies, such as Boeing, U.S. Cellular, Deloitte, Kellogg’s, Best Buy, Campbell’s Soup, NBC Universal, Wrigley, The Home Depot, General Electric and ExxonMobil.

I work with brand

Engagement overview

Our approach and methodologies differ by service offering, and engagements are always custom-designed to meet the unique needs of individual clients. However a typical engagement would include the following phases: 1) discovery/immersion, 2) primary qualitative and/or quantitative research, 3) strategy development and recommendations, and 4) planning and implementation.

In terms of logistics, we have very teams consisting of 1-3 senior-level partners. Duration of engagements are typically in the 2-4 month range and pricing is fixed fees. As a rule of thumb, a floor for engaging our firm is $100,000, as we typically find it difficult to add value with our methodologies at price points below this level.


• Boeing
• U.S. Cellular
• Deloitte
• Kellogg’s
• Best Buy
• Campbell’s Soup
• NBC Universal
• Wrigley
• The Home Depot
• General Electric
• ExxonMobil