Professional summary

Natalie Jenkins has over 15 years of experience in the innovation and creative thinking field. Her focus has been in helping develop the skills needed to expand and sharpen thinking. Natalie closely collaborates with her clients, helping them develop an innovation plan that is in alignment with their strategic goals.

Natalie has nurtured the development of many new products and services in the area of creative thinking and Innovation.

Specialties: Setting up

Engagement overview

New & Improved is an organizational development firm focused solely on helping people engage in the creative collaboration that leads to problem solving and produces innovation. We’ve helped clients consistently achieve growth through innovation since 1989. Our programs build on 20+ years of experience and more than 60 years of research, and are designed to develop groups and individuals who think creatively and work productively together – to create and sustain innovation leadership. In partnership with our clients we use an integrated approach that combines consulting, assessment, training, facilitation and/or coaching. Our carefully crafted innovation and team effectiveness offerings provide new skills, methods, techniques and approaches to the work people do and the challenges they face at work, at home and within their communities. Innovation is all we do.


Consumer Packaged Goods:
• Cadbury–Schweppes
• Coca–Cola
• Clorox
• Kraft
• Nestlé
• Johnson


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