Professional summary

Are you getting the breakthrough results you want and need to thrive in your business, or are you stuck feeling stressed, frustrated and overwhelm? These issues are a specialty I work with.

I'm Neal Burgis, Ph.D., President and CEO of Burgis Successful Solutions, and have over 20 years experience in helping people and organizations. Working with executives, leaders, business owners and creative types who experience creative blocks otherwise known as being stuck, I coach clients using confidence and productivity in having you be more positive about your situation. This helps you get back on track faster while focusing and concentrating better for greater results and opportunities.

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Engagement overview

In order to help you and your organization thrive  after getting unstuck, we help you eliminate or change rules, processes, procedures, and policies, leaders and employees need to change your mindset to accept new possibilities. Getting rid of what's not working sometimes is not recognized by the company. You need a fresh perspective from the outside to help move your organization forward. We deliver what we say we will do. Let's start the conversation to help your organization for greater efficiency and simplify what you have to give you back time to do the things that matter most in your company: Productivity, Innovation and Generating Greater Revenue.


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Do you know what to do as a leader when you’re suddenly under fire? Confronting reality is difficult. Getting your entire organization on-board to work through the difficult time without letting things hold you back is challenging. Leaders need courage to not blindly charge ahead in the face of adversity.Understand how to lead your organization during difficult times can make or break your busin... Read more


I believe your best bet is to expand the age of your senior management team. With today's business climate, you may want to look for younger people who can give a perspective from a different viewpoint than those who are of around the same age. Because I work with individuals on generating and creating creative and innovative results, I think that adding someone who can also help generate and crea... Read more

In order to have a more engaged and satisfied workforce, allowing your employees to have input with regard to the projects is a plus. By allowing your employees to generate ideas, create the ideas and produce business breakthrough results, they actually have an emotional connection in the work they put out. This in-turn giving your employees this opportunity to use their potential strengths, skill... Read more

In developing a transition action plan of your new team, the following are my recommendations in order to realize your team’s performance now and for future projects. Understanding the expectations of your team will help you understand the team better.

• Bring all of the team members together and discuss who you are and where you fit in within this new assignment.
• Set up a specific tim... Read more


I found Neal to be a team player, doing what needs to be done to accomplish the job. He has a multitude of resources. I also found him to be extremely knowledgeable and had excellent rapport with our staff.

Peggy L. Dizon, Olive Vista

Neal was really terrific with our team of employees and your genuine concern shows through.

Penny Banks, Group Manager P.L.U.S.

Neal was very professional in his demeanor, related well with a wide variety of personalities, was reasonable and dependable in handling all assignments...

Dr. Melvin L. Foulds, Psychologist Associates for Psychological Health

Neal's personal qualities include a keen sense of wisdom, excellent communication skills, good organizational/time management skills, motivation, effective strategies, humor, and he really cares about people.

David Sine, Vocational Counselor P.L.U.S.

Dr. Burgis worked very hard and showed a keen interest in providing the best possible service for our needs.

Pam Cudahy, Associate Director St. Luke's House

Neal has certainly been very instrumental in getting our Youth Advisory Board off the ground... and with the leadership that is necessary in order for our new organization to function.

John A. Rocco, Cherry Hill Township Councilman & professor Rider College in New Jersey

I think that you did an excellent job and I left each phone conversation feeling positive. For me, it helped me think about things that I would not normally think about and draw conclusions in different ways. Overall, I think you did a great job.

David R. Miller, Business Analyst Blue Shield/Blue Cross

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Dr. Burgis. I found his knowledge and abilities to be excellent. Dr. Burgis is enthusiastic in his work and is up to the challenge with whatever his clients present. With his motivation, Dr. Burgis often took the initiative to learn as much as he was able to while working with the clients assigned to him.

Mark S. Wagner, Wagner Associates

I would like to thank you for the insight and expertise you shared with me during our coaching sessions. Your prompting caused me to examine in detail several areas of my personal business plan that I had not previously considered. Those exercises uncovered pertinent information that will greatly affect the success of my business.

Christina Vicencio, President/CEO The Master's Plan

Dr. Neal Burgis has played an instrumental role in the growth of my practice. When I was first introduced to the concept of business coaching, I didn't know what to expect or how useful it would be. Neal helped me to develop my strengths and uncover my weaknesses. He helped me to overcome limiting beliefs that led to profitable business strategies I might not have otherwise followed through on. With Neal's help was able to double my production within just a few short months. I look forward to retaining his services at each plateau I encounter within the growth of my practice.

Matthew Yokie, CRFA, RFC, CEP, CSA, Founder and CEO Provident Senior Resources, LLC