Professional summary

Dr. Osama Ibrahim is a highly-experienced Principal Research Scientist with particular expertise in the field of microbiology, molecular biology, food safety, and bioprocessing for both pharmaceutical and food ingredients. He is knowledgeable in microbial screening /culture improvement; molecular biology and fermentation research for antibiotics, enzymes, therapeutic proteins, organic acids and food flavors, biochemistry for metabolic pathways , enzymes kinetics, enzymes immobilization, bioconversion, and analytical biochemistry. Dr. Ibrahim was external research liaison for Kraft Foods with Universities for research projects related to molecular biology and microbial screening. He holds several bioprocessing patents and publications.

Engagement overview

Every engagement is unique. The scope is agreed with the client during the initial consultation


• World Biotechnology. NYC-USA
• Bio Research Products. IOWA -USA
• C.J. Foods Corporation. Seoul-S. Korea
• Geneve Bio. Illinois-USA
• Gene Therapeutics. Illinois-USA