Professional summary

SOPHIAJOHN Writes is yours truly, Pamela Sophiajohn. I have worked as an independent contractor serving clients from across the United States since January 2009.

My consulting services are based on 14-years of nonprofit experience, and $12,000,000 of fundraising success. And my writing style is built on strategic, donor-centered messaging, and the power of clear, compelling, and authentic communication.


Serving in a variety of

Engagement overview

I like to begin client relationships with a free introductory consultation – also known as an old-fashioned “getting to know you” conversation.

Introductory consultations give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn how my services can benefit your organization. And they also give me time to ask a lot of questions and gather the information needed for presenting a realistic project quote and deadline.


What are the main objectives of your project?
   – Who do you want to reach?
   – What is the key message?
   – What is the call to action?

How does the project fit into organizational goals?

How will you measure its success?

What is your start date? End date?

Who is the project contact person?

What is the approval process for the project? Who has final approval?

What is the project budget?

Does your organization have an editorial style sheet?


• American Bar Association’s Fund for Justice and Education, Chicago IL
• AphasiaAccess, Collingswood

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