Professional summary

Patricia has enjoyed coaching individuals, guiding them in emotional intelligence, defining their goals and manifesting their dreams since 1975.

First to receive the Registered Corporate Coach designation from the National Association of Business Coaches (now the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches), Patricia has been helping others become coaches for eight years.

In 2005, Patricia founded the Business Coaching Certificate program at the University of Wisconsin - where she teaches coaching, ethics, emotional intelligence and other related topics. She also teaches at the College of Professional Studies at Marquette University.

Her work in coaching has included executive coaching in Fortune 50 organizations, business coaching with

Engagement overview

Intake interview, clarify goals and fit, three month commitment and review before re-committing.


• Johnson & Johnson
• Kohler Corporation
• Regal Beloit
• UWMilwaukee


Ms. Clason's talk was very well received and it is evident that she is an experienced speaker. She captivated the audience.

Mary Flanner Strack, Attorney

Patricia inspired me even before I met her. Her work proceeded her. So I went to a weekend workshop in 2005 and I found more of the real me. I was given tools to use in my everyday life so that when I came home I could continue my work and growth. Patricia has passion for the work she does and it shows in every aspect of her life. I recommend Patricia to anyone that is ready to go on to the next level of their life.

Sonja Isenhart MT,RMT

Lots of positive comments from attendees who really appreciated how down to earth your presentation was and how easy it was to follow. Thank you!

Karen Johnson, Wisconsin Association of Nurse Managers

Wow, you blew their socks off" today. Thanks so much for the presentation. Sure opened some eyes, and I'm sure it will cause people to stop and think before they speak or make judgments. I know I have to watch what happens to my eyebrows when a waitress says, "How are you guys doing?"

Participant - Emotional Intelligence: Dealing with Difficult People

You are a special teacher, your information is interesting, your verbiage is clear, your voice is exciting, your manner is positive, your message is concise. In addition to that I admire how you posture yourself. Very good, very very good!


Patricia is terrific. She gave me so many ideas to acknowledge and motivate my staff and many steps I can implement starting right now! She presents in a way that I really want to listen.

Professional Development seminar attendee

Patricia, I enjoyed the workshop today. It was fun and educational at the same time--which is my favorite way to learn. You teach remarkably well and your choice of material is superb. You have created a warm and aesthetically pleasing environment that I was delighted to spend a few hours in. Thank you

Patti Anderson

I had the recent opportunity to attend the class Emotional Intelligence with Patricia Clason, RCC offered through Marquette University's continuing education program. I can honestly say this was a day well spent. Patricia had a way of connecting with each of us in the class, was very knowledgeable about the topic, and presented the material in a manner that was both practical and interesting. Participants were allowed to be engaged and as a result I felt I also learned from others in the class. We not only received information that included statistics and additional resources to pursue the topic further, but also gained excellent tools for increasing our own emotional intelligence. Without hesitation I recommend this class.

Carla Smith-Liebich, Senior Assistant Director Marquette University Office of Student Financial Aid

I was highly impressed with Patricia's conversational and personal style. She offered a variety of activities, with meaningful examples that kept my attention throughout the session, including action activities to ensure that we would use the information after class. We want her to keep coming back!

Dorothy Valentine, Education and Learning Specialist Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Our management team retreat was our best ever, thanks largely to the quality of the speakers. Thank you for doing such a great job teaching us about Emotional Intelligence. My brain may have been in hijack mode for a few minutes when you were setting up, and then I rated my availability at 6. My mind immediately shot up to a 10 when you suggested meeting leaders ask for participant's availability at meetings. What a great and open way to set a tone for meetings! Thank you for making an interesting and informative presentation. Best wishes for continued success.

Ardyth Richmond, Director of Administrative Services First Weber Group