Professional summary

Peter F. DiGiammarino is a senior executive with more than 30 years of experience developing high-potential teams and high-growth organizations, which solve important problems around the world, to fulfill their potential to perform and grow.

In addition to running companies, Peter has served public, private, private-equity-owned, and venture-capital-backed technology and service firms and non-profits as an advisor or board member. He is particularly skilled at helping top teams develop and align their corporate strategy with their operations. He also helps leadership teams implement effective governance, performance metrics, incentive plans, and communications programs.

Peter helps founders, owners, CEO's, and investors in early-stage,

Engagement overview

Assess current operations relative to norms by stage of evolution, develop a plan to achieve targeted improvements in do, sell, and grow processes by a specific date and drive to achieve predictable and performance and growth according to a plan.


• Kiva
• Netcito
• Reico
• Ventera
• Touchstone Consulting
• Aquilent
• Acumen Solutions
• Compusearch
• Intwine
• FI Consulting
• Summit Executive Resources
• Hawaiian Airlines
• Gemcom


Leaving a long-held, cherished job is not easy. To quit, follow the steps below in order and as precisely as you possibly can. Make sure first, though, that you have really decided to quit and that it is not just a ploy to get your employer to talk you in to staying and giving you a raise.

1. Remember that you need to be loyal first to yourself, not to your employer or your colleagues no matter... Read more


Below are TIPS ON BUSINESS WRITING I use with those I work with. These tips are from a variety of sources accumulated over a lifetime and work well to produce business writing that is easy to read and hard to misunderstand. Let me know if you'd like to discuss to any extent. They are available as a post at this link:

- Use the present tense.

... Read more


Our early-stage services firm started to consistently and reliably perform and grow according to a plan after working with IntelliVen. We give them a lot of credit for helping our three founders raise their level of operations to the professional level. One of the recurring themes that still rings true for us is the importance of us as founders serving as player-coaches rather than personally driving, sometimes recklessly, from one new opportunity to the next.

Brian Karlisch, Co-Founder and CEO