PROJECT PROPOSAL: Perform an Effective External IT Audit - Financial Institutions
Robert Davis
Robert Davis
Client Impact

Information technology (IT) has enhanced control processes, enabled opportunities for utilizing close-loop control systems and provided the means for more timely corrective actions. Unfortunately, IT has also introduced the potential for a detrimental proliferation of controls.

Therefore, developing and deploying an organizationally adjusted IT governance structure to ensure the appropriate control allocations is a mandate requiring an in-depth managerial understanding of the enterprise’s internal and external environment. Specifically, consideration of the financial institution’s mission and operating environment is imperative when attempting to implement good IT governance.

Acting now arms IT leaders with strategies and tactics for effectively and efficiently improving information processing that can create a competitive advantage.

Robert can assist you in determining how well your enterprise designed and deployed IT controls, as well as, maintained compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

1. Determine the value creation, value proposition, and value appropriation IT generates for your organization’s financial services
2. Develop and deploy IT risk management as a primary focus area for ensuring appropriate responses to varying conditions
3. Design activities increasing certainty that organizational plans are achieving the desired objectives
4. Implement managerial monitoring of deployed controls focusing on redressing external and internal environment quality to assist in ensuring the established fiduciary relationship with stakeholders is fulfilled

Engagement Overview

An IT audit project encompasses the following processes:

1. Planning
2. Study and evaluation of controls
3. Testing of controls
4. IT audit reporting
5. IT audit follow-up

The estimated IT audit scope and duration is dependent on the organization’s technological architecture. Robert's audit engagements are effective and cost-effective.

Relevant Background

Robert E. Davis, MBA, CISA, CICA is a management audit consultant/senior audit manager, a freelance writer, a Boson Software author as well as a university-level instructor. His unique qualifications encompass more than twenty-five years of audit, information security and accounting practice experience and expertise.

Professionally, he is a recognized as an accomplished, energetic auditor, author, and speaker with a sound mix of experience and skills in monitoring and evaluating controls. In particular, he has achieved recognition as the (First and Inaugural) Temple University CISA in Residence and a Temple University Master of Science in IT Auditing and Cyber-Security Advisory Councilmen. Lastly, he has accepted invitations to join Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society, the Golden Key International Honor Society, the Thomson Reuters' Expert Witness List, the IT Governance LTD expert panel, as well as the International Association of IT Governance Standards honorary membership group.

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