Professional summary

Dr. Robert E. Davis obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Business Law, a Master of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems, and a Doctor of Business Administration degree in Information Systems Management from Temple, West Chester, and Walden University; respectively.

In addition, during his twenty years of involvement in education, Dr. Davis acquired Postgraduate and Professional Technical licenses in Computer Science and Computer Systems Technology. Dr. Davis also obtained the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certificate — after passing the 1988 Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s rigorous three hundred and fifty multiple-choice questions examination;

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Philadelphia National Bank
• Fidelity Bank
• First Fidelity Bank
• Dow Jones
• Colony Insurance Company
• Philip Morris
• Raytheon
• Computer Science Corporation
• Sharp Electronics
• United States Enrichment Corporation
• United States Securities and Exchange Commission
• United States Interstate Commerce Commission


Technology is an ever changing tool driven by compliance requirements as well as entity-centric needs to satisfy market demands. For compliance requirements, IT deployments tend to be reactionary rather than a continuous, proactive process. Consequently, IT compliance efforts are typically lacking constancy and conformity. To combat this tendency, IT planners should focus design and tran... Read more

AbstractCyber attackers targeting large corporations achieved a high perimeter penetration success rate during 2013, resulting in many corporations incurring financial losses. Corporate information technology leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to implement information security domain processes that effectually address the challenges for preventing and deterring information security breaches. ... Read more

Project Proposals

An IT audit project encompasses the following processes: 1. Planning 2. Study and evaluation of controls 3. Testing of controls 4. IT audit reporting 5. IT audit follow-up. The estimated IT audit scope and duration is dependent on the organization’s technological architecture. Robert's audit engagements are effective and cost-effective.Read more

An ISG assessment project encompasses the following processes: 1. Planning 2. Data collection 3. Data evaluation 4. Effectiveness reporting.  The estimated ISG assessment scope and duration is dependent on the organization’s technological architecture. Dr. Davis's ISG assessment engagements are timely and cost-effective.Read more