Project proposal: Perform an Information Security Governance Assessment
Robert Davis
Robert Davis
Client impact

Corporate information technology (IT) leaders can improve the trust factor for stakeholders in technology containing personally identifiable information through effectual information security governance (ISG). Personal privacy and identity are among the most valuable intangible assets individuals ever own. Nonetheless, technological manipulation continually enables intentional or unintentional privacy invasions. Without regard to whether management view information security as a program supporting corporate governance or an IT governance program subset, information assets protection is necessary. Acting now will assist IT leaders with improving ISG practice areas to protect information assets more effectively with a concomitant reduction in recovery costs. Upon engagement as a consultant, Dr. Davis can assist you in designing and deploying an effective ISG program in your organization.

Engagement overview

An ISG assessment project encompasses the following processes: 1. Planning 2. Data collection 3. Data evaluation 4. Effectiveness reporting.  The estimated ISG assessment scope and duration is dependent on the organization’s technological architecture. Dr. Davis's ISG assessment engagements are timely and cost-effective.

Relevant background

Dr. Robert E. Davis, MBA, DBA, CISA, CICA is a management audit consultant/senior audit manager, a freelance writer, a published author as well as a university-level instructor. His unique qualifications encompass more than twenty-five years of audit, information security and accounting practice experience and expertise. Professionally, he is a recognized as an accomplished, energetic auditor, author, and speaker with a sound mix of experience and skills in monitoring and evaluating controls.

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