Project proposal: Asset-Based Strategies for Business Leadership
Alessandro Daliana
Alessandro Daliana
Client impact

More often than not business leaders are too overwhelmed by every day demands to take a step back and make sense of their business: How did we get here and where are we going?

Alessandro works with a business' leadership team to help them identify the legally recognized asset(s) the company owns and/or controls that is used in the products/services their customers seek to acquire because it gives them a competitive advantage in overcoming their struggle to achieve uncertain outcomes.

By aligning all the company's processes between these two points - the asset(s) and the uncertainty - strategies are developed, executed, and measured to satisfy all stakeholders.

Engagement overview

1. Identify the company's legally recognized asset(s) which underpins the business, the Key Component.
2. Identify the customer's struggle with uncertain outcomes.
3. Analyze the specifics of the customer's experience by breaking uncertainties down into categories: physical, emotional, and intellectual.
4. Agree Mission Statement.
5. Map business processes that make the asset(s) available to customer.
6. Analyze company financials by process.
7. Calculate the Return on Key Component, ROKC ™.
8. Clearly communicate mission statement to all stakeholders so that they can engage and contribute to improving the ROKC.
9. Implement all actions to improve ROKC and measure the impact through the financials.
10. Seek new opportunities to maximize the ROKC: business combinations, licensing, strategic partnerships, divestitures, new markets,...

Relevant background

Alessandro has held Chairman, CEO, and CFO roles with market leaders from startups to $4B multinationals. He has been instrumental in negotiating and closing acquisitions between $500MM and $1.6B. Alessandro has advised clients on JVs, licensing deals, and portfolio management. His advice has almost always been heeded by those he works with. View consultant profile