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Professional summary

Leaders are people who help us see a less uncertainty world and inspire us to act accordingly.

Business leaders achieve this through the sale of products and services that reduce the uncertainties of life or of conducting business. In other words, successful businesses provide their clients with a competitive advantage.

In my practice, I coach business leaders in a proprietary methodology that recognizes the central place property and property rights have in a country's economic, political, legal and social systems. To be clear, all businesses are based on the ownership and/or control of an asset that provides the customer with a competitive advantage in the market in which it operates. The "busy" part of the business is simply the processes and risk management activities used to make the asset useable for the customer. The primary challenge almost all leaders have is identifying the asset that underpins their business because its power wanes over time and needs to be replaced by another asset. We call this the Key Component.

The methodology we developed focuses on measuring the financial performance achieved by the processes and risk management activities over time: the Return On Key Component™, or ROKC™ for short. Within this framework, a singular focus on the Key Component and the customer's competitive advantage creates the conditions necessary for every stakeholder to be a proactive leader in the company thereby enhancing leadership performance, increasing stakeholder satisfaction and maximizing shareholder returns.

The ROKC Method's property-based approach makes it ideally suited to adapt to the specific environment of each country and market in which the business operates.

Sessions can be conducted in English, French and Italian.

Engagement overview

I work with my clients on a one-on-one basis for at least 1-hour/week. This is the minimum commitment; if you cannot take care of yourself, you cannot take care of your stakeholders. Usually, my clients take away from each session with "gems", "invaluable advice", and "awareness" to use some of their words. Providing guidance without action is a waste for us both, so often there is homework to do.