Question: Looking to expand my business to US

I have a thriving and well recognized jewelry brand in India. I am looking to expand to US markets, either through a joint venture or solo. Need an expert to guide me through the process, or point me to a few options.

Appreciate your help.

3 Expert Insights

You have raised a key issue as you asked to be guided through the process.  Whether you do this as a joint venture or as an 'solo' individual is going to depend on defining the ultimate vision you have for the expansion.  Thus this becomes a key initial step for you.  What is that vision?  What are the related goals you have that fall within it?  A good many of your answers are going to emerge because you go to the land of 'what's possible'.  With you developing a clearly defined  intent, the way for you to achieve it will become clearer and more readily apparent.  I do believe that the right business focused coach will be able to  accompany you through this process successfully.

Wishes for your success.



Your inquiry opens up a whole host of questions. Is this a request for consultant help or a business proposal? Do you want to open direct retail outlets, franchise, wholesale, protected distributorships or several of each? Each of these options carries its own set of strategies and decisions. Defining your strategy in itself should be the starting point of your endeavor. I would be happy to work with you on a weekly basis, both in definition and execution.

Without saying much, you have spoken volumes. Your company's value is tied up in its name. So much so that you refer to it as a brand which implies that it is so well known in India that it has a value superior to the trademark registration cost posted to your intangible assets on your balance sheet. In other words, you have built brand equity. However, this is in India not in the US.

Consequently, any strategy for entering the US market must rely on building the business up through the Indian immigrant population for whom this brand has some significance. Whether this be through a JV or a subsidiary makes no difference as long as a brand strategy is pursued. Sure, a partner with access to this market segment will allow you to go faster but only if you have the marketing dollars to support this accelerated growth and the desire to be tied to this partner in the future.

Whatever course of action you decide to pursue it must be based on the brand. Good luck.