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Mark Hurwich

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Helping otherwise successful professionals "get unstuck"

Professional summary

Mark Hurwich helps people blocked or stalled now in important work/life pursuits who've been generally successful in the past. Perhaps they're holding off, with a sense of ambiguity and even fear, about exploring a new career or business venture. Maybe it's dealing with a difficult partner or client. Many have what you might call "entrepreneur's block:" there's something in them they feel they need to do, or add to their business--but they rarely get to it, and it's hard when they do, yet they can't let it go. Maybe they struggle to bring themselves to reach out to new customers, or ask for more money to cover new services. And Mark's also worked successfully with similar challenges to innovating or moving forward: students who lost discipline for studies, and writers with writer's block, and even some phobias, for example.

Clients dissolve these blocks by reconnecting to passions and resolving internal conflicts. They open up new and productive paths so what they "ought" to do becomes more like what they "can't wait" to do. Most of the work is in a concentrated 3 hour session with prep and a few follow-ups--he's not a "hold your hand for months" coach because his client base generally knows what they need to do once a new path's been opened...they just need some help seeing that path and the resources they already have to explore it.

Mark aligns fees to client situation, so he can serve a spectrum of people ($750/engagement is the midpoint of a broad range). That fee is based on achieving the outcome clients want--not per hour. Reflecting that commitment to outcomes, Mark only charges if and when clients are truly happy with their work.

Mark leverages over three decades of experience in leadership, organizational design, business strategy, sales and marketing to help his clients. The work relies heavily on introspective tools like Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) combined with tools to help people identify and reconnect to their passions.

Mark has held executive level positions in companies like Cognizant, Monitor group, CSC, IBM, and Towers-Perrin. He has taught at New York University in the past and is a frequent public speaker. Mark has degrees in engineering from MIT and MBA from the Wharton School.

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Jaziri Group LLC
• Merrill Lynch
• Edgewalkers International
• Latino Business Action Network
• Wild River Review
• Natural Awakenings
• Booz Allen Hamilton
• Behavioral Economics Consulting Group LLC