Professional summary

Do you have a vision for your business 10 years into the future? Do you have a strategy for getting there? I am here to show you how to develop that strategy and create the portfolio of products, programs, and projects to fulfill it. I am a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) trained in the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), backed up by the pragmatic, real world business coach training of an ActionCOACH. I can show you how to get business results fast, guaranteed! And I will work with you weekly to make it happen.

My Mission is to create abundance in the business and personal lives of everyone I touch.

I am personally committed to helping you drive your business to success in meeting your business

Engagement overview

Engagement begins with an assessment, then alignment of business with objectives.
Program is typically at least 12 months long broken into quarterly re-assessment periods to adjust and adapt  to organizational feedback.
Fees are monthly based on extent of services. Program can include regular team training in customer service, sales, team building, leadership, business KPI's , communication styles assessments, and team selection(hiring) processes.


Confidential, references for serious enquiries.


Your inquiry opens up a whole host of questions. Is this a request for consultant help or a business proposal? Do you want to open direct retail outlets, franchise, wholesale, protected distributorships or several of each? Each of these options carries its own set of strategies and decisions. Defining your strategy in itself should be the starting point of your endeavor. I would be happy to work w... Read more