Project proposal: Internet of Things: Separate the Winners from the Losers
Jeff Stollman
Jeff Stollman
Client impact

1. Understand what the Internet of Things IoT) is
2. Learn why it is getting so much attention and attracting millions of dollars of capital
3. Learn why some popular IoT devices are "pet rocks" that lack staying power in the market
4. Learn which sectors of the IoT market are thriving and why
5. Brainstorm specific applications in which IoT can benefit your business
6. Learn how/where to get assistance in developing IoT devices and applications

Engagement overview

1. We first discuss your goals for the engagement
2. We present the history, current applications, and potential uses of IoT, tailored to your goals
3. We present a framework for determining where and how IoT may impact your business
4. We discuss areas in your business that may benefit from launching an IoT solution
5. We drill down on those areas where IoT appears to be promising
6. We brainstorm solutions and develop a cost-benefit analysis of pursuing each one
7. We discuss resourcing and candidate solutions you desire to pursue
8. We develop a high-level project plan to prototype and test the solution

Relevant background

Jeff Stollman is an innovator who works with a broad array of technologies across disciplines. He has been designing and developing IoT applications for over four years and has patents pending in the field. He is also working with global standards groups to define and classify IoT technology and its features to expedite the development of successful IoT solutions. He has delivered presentations on the subject at several global conferences. View consultant profile