Professional summary

Jeff Stollman is a polymath developing solutions to difficult problems across a wide range of disciplines including sensors, robotics, financial services, force protection, weapons demilitarization, non-lethal weapons systems, information technology, information security, and privacy. He currently holds patents in artificial intelligence, privacy, and financial services and has patents pending in financial services, information security, and non-lethal weapons.

Mr. Stollman holds a Masters degree from Tufts University and has supported prestigious clients including IBM, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, US Bank, Merrill Lynch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ford, and a wide array of federal agencies, including the DoD and Intelligence communities. He is

Engagement overview

Tailored to client needs, work may be hourly, project-based, or retainer-based.


• Bain & Company
• McKinsey & Company
• Oshkosh Defense
• Probaris
• Qinetiq North America
• Raytheon
• Syndetics
• Tantara
• Thomson-Reuters
• US Customs and Border Protection
• US Department of Defense
• US Patent and Trademark Office
• US Transportation Safety Administration


1) How has IT security evolved in recent years? What are emerging trends and threats to enterprise security?
IT attacks have become more sophisticated. Malware is continually changed to render signature-based malware protection (common to most anti-virus software) of limited value. IT security now requires analysis of data from myriad sensors worldwide and big data analysis to detect new threa... Read more

Two powerful behavioral science techniques for influencing behavior are framing and gamification.

Framing refers to the way a statement or questions is asked. Asking it in different ways yields different responses -- even though the end results are the same. For example, most people would take you up on an offer to flip a coin where heads means you win $10 and tails means you win nothing. Bu... Read more


There are three areas that clients overlooked when outsourcing services - especially when the services are provided offshore.

1. Due diligence. If the service was being provided next door, managers wouldn't think twice about walking over to the service provider's site for a site inspection that includes reviewing the provider's processes for hiring and vetting of staff, training, security, an... Read more

As healthcare focuses more on outcome-based care, the opportunity for gamification in the industry increases. For example, a doctor/nurse/caregiver could be scored on the compliance effectiveness of his/her manic-depressive patients in maintaining their lithium regimen. In such a case, it would first be important to score each patient, providing rewards for consistent compliance (e.g., pharmacy... Read more

Project Proposals

1. We first discuss your goals for the engagement
2. We present the history, current applications, and potential uses of IoT, tailored to your goals
3. We present a framework for determining where and how IoT may impact your business
4. We discuss areas in your business that may benefit from launching an IoT solution
5. We drill down on those areas where IoT appears to be promising
6. We b... Read more