Project proposal: Prepare your business for sale. Achieving maximum value and engineering the most successful exit strategy for owners
Client impact

Achieve wealth through the selling of your business. This will involve the following steps

-Plan the exit
-Prepare the business
-Protect existing wealth
-Optimize business value
-Sell the business

Engagement overview

Ideally, engagement begins a minimum of 2-3 years prior to desire of owner's sell date (Buyers will look at 3 years minimum business performance in assessing potential for acquisition)

Process involves the following steps:

1) No cost free analysis (PSA- Preliminary Sellability Assessment)
2) Discussion of findings
3) Review of business in the following areas a prospective buyer will examine:

• Financial Performance
• Sales and Forecasting
• Corporate Structure and Integrity
• Quality and Clarity of Operations
• Management Team
• Intellectual Property

4) Implement corrections and strategies aimed at increasing business value
5) Execute successful sale

Relevant background

President and Founder of EndGame Success, Alan Mischler has over 30 years of experience as a CEO and CFO successfully building and selling companies. This includes selling to multi-nationals and private equity. His unique background (MBA) and experience provides him with the knowledge to understand how companies prepare for sale and includes an understanding of accounting and finance, human resources, contracts, corporate and tax structure, operational efficiency, IT and quality control. View consultant profile