Professional summary

Founder and President of Endgame Success, LLC providing strategy and business management planning, preparation and execution advice for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to sell and exit their business.

EndGame Success was founded with the goal to help business owners sell their company for the most money. We do this in a way that not only helps the business owner develop an exit strategy but also prepares their business for the rigors of the sales process. Our process is based upon years of experience in acquisitions and successfully orchestrating corporate exits and sales for millions of dollars.

Starting with our free evaluation that provides a “readiness assessment” of how well your company is positioned for sale, EndGame

Engagement overview

Providing a free PAS (Preliminary Assessment of Saleability) followed by multiple options for contractual engagement tailored to meet client needs


Providing expert consultation to numerous clients (all confidential due to the nature of the advice being provided). Two in government contracting/defense industry, one in manufacturing, multiple service providers

Project Proposals

Ideally, engagement begins a minimum of 2-3 years prior to desire of owner's sell date (Buyers will look at 3 years minimum business performance in assessing potential for acquisition)

Process involves the following steps:

1) No cost free analysis (PSA- Preliminary Sellability Assessment)
2) Discussion of findings
3) Review of business in the following areas a prospective buyer will exam... Read more