Project proposal: Profitable Growth Strategy for a Regional Airline
Robert Mann
Robert Mann
Client impact

1. Identify opportunities for revenue and process improvement, along with cost reduction
2. Improve planning process and allocation of CapEx for higher returns
3. Ensure profitability at every stage of growth
4. Implement efficient and effective vetting, hiring, onboarding, scheduling, tracking and retention processes for pilots and staff
5. Design smart combination of tools and processes for world-class planning and resource scheduling
6. Be more proactive with response to competitive threats (from larger airlines and charter carriers)

Engagement overview

- Initial discussion of goals
- Review and update business plan to identify opportunities and support growth strategy
- Can be directly involved in implementation, or serve as advisor to the leadership team, depending on client needs and budget

Relevant background

Bob has extensive experience working with regional and specialty, as well as large airlines. He enjoys helping clients leapfrog their peers and larger competitors through the smart use of CapEx, strategic alliances and operational best practices. View consultant profile