Professional summary

After an airline industry career, serving as a corporate officer at major and specialty US airlines in finance, planning, marketing, services and IT roles, in 1993, Mann founded and since then has operated as the Principal of this airline and travel industry analysis and consulting firm, specializing in the identification, development and implementation of 'leapfrog' structural improvements to productivity, operations, process and distribution efficiency, resulting in improved client service perceptions and profitability.

He has conducted more than one hundred and twenty client engagements and has experience with more than 80 firms on five continents, including numerous long-term, on-site, productivity identification and implementation

Engagement overview

Performance and Process Review, 'Leapfrog' Productivity/Performance/Profitability Opportunity Identification, Project Scoping, Recommendations, Implementation, Post-Analysis and Refinement


• United Airlines
• SkyWest Airlines
• Mesa Airlines
• America West/US Airways/American Airlines
• South African Airways
• South African Airways Express
• Alaska Airlines
• Hawaiian Airlines
• Amadeus IT Holding
• Sabre
• American Express
• Teradata
• U.S. Secretary of Transportation
• U.S. FAA Administrator
• Transport Canada
• Airline Automation, Inc.
• Aviation Management Services
• Numerous engagements at the U.S. National Mediation Board on behalf of clients, including service as a principal economics witness at Presidential Emergency Board #233

Project Proposals

- Initial discussion of goals
- Review and update business plan to identify opportunities and support growth strategy
- Can be directly involved in implementation, or serve as advisor to the leadership team, depending on client needs and budgetRead more

An 85% A0 absolute on-time performance, with a 5-8% reduction in block time (much of it reflected as direct cost reduction), is achievable sequentially, within 2-3 years.

Recapture of latent aircraft and ground facilities utilization can be taken as reduced CAPEX requirement or as expanded capacity, based on carrier's unique tactical and strategic objectives.

'Phase 1' of the complete solution ... Read more