Project proposal: Rapid Transformation: Streamline your Business Processes and Improve Operating Results
Client impact

* Improved business processes
* Reduced operating costs
* Employee participation in the transformation program
* Improved use of available technology, and introduction to new technologies
* Better utilization of office and warehouse space
* Promotion of "green" solutions to the business process

Engagement overview

Using our Rapid Transformation program, we will:

1. Flow and document the current processes with key employees ("as-is")
2. Review our findings with your employees and management
3. Develop and re-design the processes to create a streamlined, cost effective work flow ("to-be")
4. Review our new design with your employees and management for acceptance
5. Create a plan to implement the changes required to revise the work flow
6. Assist you in implementing the recommended solutions

Relevant background

Tom has over 35 years in the consulting industry, with extensive experience in the improvement of business performance and operations, as well as the planning and implementation of IT strategies.

He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and serves on the Board of the Institute of Management Consultants Philadelphia Chapter as Past President and Programs Chair. He serves on advisory boards for several universities, and as a Career Mentor for students. View consultant profile