Professional summary

Long time Supply Chain Management author, researcher, consultant, and industry pundit... with strong marketing leadership. Author of the book "Supply Chain Transformation: Practical Roadmap to Best Practice Results" (Wiley, October, 2012) .

Provides insight, guidance, and training to companies on SCM strategy, segmentation, and performance improvement initiatives. Founding member of the Supply Chain Council and leader in the development of the SCOR model. To technology companies, provides strategic advisory services on marketing, sales, and product... competitive landscape and business partnerships.

Engagement overview

With 35 years experience in marketing, technology, and supply chain management, companies engage my services in many different ways. Market and competitive intelligence engagements leverage my network and research capabilities. Companies will engage me in a variety of ideation and visioneering workshops. To innovate is to change and process improvement engagements center around process mapping, documentation, and improvement. Business and solution architecture engagement map technologies current and future. Strategy engagements focus on a variation of SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Strategies, and Vulnerabilities. We also stress segmentation of products, customers, markets, business units to develop strategies that deliver specific customer segment value. Our objective is to provide our clients with engagement models that deliver the desired result leveraging the best experience and expertise available.


• Xcel Energy
• Procter & Gamble
• Pillsbury
• Colgate-Palmolive
• Michelin
• Campbell's Soup
• Coca Cola
• Miller Brewing
• Coors
• Phillip Morris
• Schnuck's
• Meijer
• Burger King
• Gordon Foods
• Supervalue
• Visteon
• Retailigence
• Supply Chain Toolworks
• DSC Logistics
• Kraft
• Nabisco
• Sports Authority
• Seagrams
• Grand Metropolitan
• Clorox
• New Balance
• Wegman's


The answers above are excellent. I would add that it is important to be a leader not a manager. It is a team sport so be a coach. Everything that gets done gets done through a process. Establishing your activities as a process, mapping your processes and encouraging associates to improve the process takes the people out of the problem. It's the processes, not the people that are the problem. Worki... Read more