Professional summary

Successful career in Operations culminating in position of Chief Operating Officer and Director in a $150 million Consumer Products Company. Five years as Dean of Continuing Education at local Community College. Fourteen years as private management consultant. Mission is to help people and companies maximize their potential.

Engagement overview

Initial complementary interview to layout scope of potential project.  Report submitted outlining engagement deliverables.  Final report at end of project outlining achievements and recommendations for continued improvement.  Billing includes travel and miscellaneous costs.  Rate is $150/hour, $600 half day, $1200 full day.


• Orange & Rockland Utilities
• Ira Wicks Arborist's
• Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland
• Nice-Pak Industries
• Garrison Art Center


We have never regretted our decision to hire Richard. Over the (25) years, he grappled with every problem that appeared including the purchase of machinery, incentive systems, the analysis of new acquisitions, the statistical preparation required for labor negotiations, and the purchase and development of computer equipment and systems. He ultimately grew into the position of Chief Operations Officer as our business grew substantially in size, number of employees, and complexity.

Most importantly, my personal relationship with Richard was one of trust and friendship, which still pertains today.

James L. Weinberg, President (retired) American Tack & Hardware Co., Inc.

Your recent Excel workshops excelled all of our expectations. You are a born teacher, able to communicate complicated ideas clearly, and patiently explaining the same concept in more than one way until all of your students 'get it.' You cleared up several questions which I had been puzzling over for some time. Thank you so much for your help. I hope that you'll be willing to come back again at some time in the future, after we've saved up some more questions to try to play 'stump the teacher.' Maybe some day we'll be successful.

Caroline Donick, Library Director Alice Desmond and Hamilton Fish Library

Worked with me on a training project for a small business. He used his extensive background, professionalism, and consulting skills to bring the project in under budget receiving rave reviews.

Jo-Ann Vega, Administrator Rockland Community College

The trustees and I wish to send you our deep appreciation for your vital aid in the facilitation of our recent Board retreats/strategic planning sessions. Because of your guidance and expertise, as well as John Tessier's, great strides were made in defining revitalized vision and mission statements as well as in determining specific goals for the coming year.

Again, it was most generous for you to lend your expertise to this important institutional exercise. We thank you and hope that you will continue to stay closely involved with the activities of the museum.

Martha M. Waters, Executive Director Putnam County Historical Society & Foundry School Museum

Your low key approach to working with our staff was truly unique. With your help we learned how to identify the weakness in our customer services approach and address them in a way that benefited everyone from our receptionist to our largest client.

Stephen Alexander, President ABS Systems & Solutions

Your ability to work with and be accepted as a peer by all levels of our staff helped to break down real and perceived barriers that were affecting our performance. Your analysis highlighted our success while uncovering our real problems. The outline of specific recommendations included changes in our procedures and valuable new measurements to track our progress. Your help in their implementation has resulted in a marked improvement in our program.

Daniel P. Morales, Manager of Safety Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.

As a writer-artisan-entrepreneur catapulted into a tight start-up deadline for a new online business, I couldn't think of anyone better than you to help us quickly configure our creative vision into a working business model. Your incredibly well-rounded business experience coupled with your ability to think out of the box helped us to come up with creative solutions to every consideration we had. Thank you -- and we're not through with you yet!

Terah Cox, President & Creative Director