Professional summary

Rick DeMarco is a leader and expert in the emerging field of internal brand alignment and employee engagement, and recently led those efforts at Hewlett Packard.

He is a strategist with a proven track record of motivating people to achieve exceptional results in a rapidly changing business environment. He has held senior leadership roles in industry leading companies like Carrier, KitchenAid (Whirlpool), and HP in marketing, general management, sales, human resources, and accounting. 

In addition to his technical skills and all round experience in B2B/ B2C, small/ mid/ large sized companies, and product/ service industries, Rick is an expert in leadership effectiveness and team dynamics. He co-founded a leadership consulting company,

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


Great comments about rewarding and recognizing desired behavior, modeling the behavior rather than just talking about it, and establishing common goals and objectives. I would also suggest that changing behavior is difficult and in order to drive that change, communications should be developed that addresses three dimensions:

1. Why is this important to the company? What is the impact on perfo... Read more

Let me address this by talking about the process required to engage employees from a broader perspective. In order to successfully engage them, you must educate them, inspire them and demonstrate relevancy, obtain a commitment to changed behavior, and reward and recognize them. I would suggest that you use this as a model to ensure that they embrace the system.

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The appraisal process can become totally ineffective in driving cultural change unless it is aligned with human resource policies, the defined cultural behaviors and values, business strategy objectives, and brand positioning.

Have you clearly defined the behaviors required to deliver on the brand promise and business strategy and the behaviors that support the culture you are trying to establis... Read more